Saab 9-5 2000 technical features

When reading the Saab sales literature for a new car you can get all the spec's and data on the bells and whistles, but how about the technical features. I have tried to put some of the Saab 9-5's changes together for you guys interested in the nuts and bolts. The 9-5 has turned out to be a very nice car so lets hope it stays that way. From driving the 9-5 I think this is the highest quality car Saab has built. You can even get a station Wagon.

Available engines for the US are the 2.3L light pressure turbo Ecopower B235E (170 horse power), the 2.3L turbo Ecopower B235R (230 horse power) and the V-6 3.0L light pressure turbo B308E (200 horse power). The Aero version is fitted with the B235R and has an "over boosting" feature on 5-speed versions. This overboosting allows for an extra 20 nm of torque during fast acceleration . These cars also come with a reinforced gearbox to handle the extra stress. All the 2.3L engines also have new modified connecting rods the small ends are trapezoid shaped. This shape increases the wrist pin bearing surface used during the power stroke. Other new features to the 2.3L are a new exh cam, reinforced pistons and nitrite hardened wrist pins.

A new system is also being introduced on the 2000 model. It is called Differential Protection System (DPS). 9-5's with auto trans now have a new function built in to the Saab Trionic T7 engine Management system. This DPS protects the gearbox differential during severe wheel spin. This is not a traction control system but a safeguard for the auto trans. At speeds below 80 km/h the DPS uses inputs from the anti lock wheel sensors to detect slip at this point the Trionic will will limit torque output of the engine using it's electric throttle. This system uses no extra parts that were not already fitted to the 9-5. It is a software based function in the Trionic itself.

Over boost function On the B235R Aero engine has been introduced on manual transmission cars. This function allows the engine torque to be increased to 370 Nm, 20 Nm more than normal. When the Trionic system senses the accelerator has been depressed rapidly it will set in the "overboost" up to an allowed 20 seconds, after witch the Trionic will will revert to normal. This extra torque is felt from 1900-4000 Rpm.

The manual gearbox on the Saab 9-5 has redesigned synchro rings and shift forks. Third and Fourth gears synchros get what's called a sintered ring this resists wear and gives better shifting performance. The shift forks have been reinforced to give a more positive shift. The fifth gear also gets a redesigned synchro ring .

The clutch on the aero B235R engine has a larger diameter plate and is reinforced to handle the added engine performance. The clutch pedal is also fitted with an auxiliary spring. This spring is a clutch assist spring, not a return spring. This is to give the Aero's heavier clutch the same feel as the standard one.

The auto transmission now has a temperature sensitive shift function. The auto Trans ECU will change shift patterns as the trans fluid temperature rises. These functions will help cool the trans under stress situations like towing and climbing steep grades. At 125 degrees C. the lock up torque converter will lock in 3rd & 4th gears. With no slip in the converter this should lower the temperature at the sacrifice of torque. If the temperature still goes up to over 140 degrees C. then the converter will lock up in 2nd gear also. If the temperature continues to rise above 150 degrees C. the engine torque will be limited to 200 Nm via the Trionic ECU. If none of these work and the temperature goes above 170°C. A warning will post on the SID unit "Transmission Overheating" this will also set a code in the ECU and the Trans fluid should be changed.

Front Brakes on the Aero have Larger Diameter rotors the caliper has been moved outward and a new friction material is used on the pads.This is to improve performance,pedal feel and noise. All 9-5 models will use this upgraded pad.

A Sport Chassis package has been introduced And will be standard on all Aero models. This suspension can be fitted to all 2000 9-5's in about 6 hours labor it includes stiffer and lower springs (10mm) sturdier roll bars and harder shocks and struts.

And what you have all been waiting for the auto anti dazzle rear view mirror. This mirror has 2 light sensors and automatically adjusts your rear view mirror when someone comes up behind you with there bright lights on.

If you get a chance I suggest you take a 9-5 out for a test drive. The turbo v-6 is a torque monster and very smooth this is a much better engine than the old 2.5L v-6. This car is getting great reviews from everone I have talked to. I think Saab has another winner.

(This article is meant to educate a consumer,or as a guideline for professionals. You can cause serious damage to your vehicle and/or cause yourself injury. Only those qualified should attempt repairs. I do my best to assure that the above info is correct but take no responsibility for any damages incurred.)


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