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Saab classic 900 Crank pulley



      My Saab squeals when it starts, louder when I turn the wheel. It usually quiets down after a few miles. Dealership repair shop says I have to replace the Crank Shaft Pulley. They want $635.00 and say they'll replace some belts they have to remove to get to it. Is this a reasonable price or is this a job I could do myself with a little direction? I have never worked on anything major on the car. What can you tell me about this?


From what you describe I would have to say the shop have made the correct diagnosis. The front pulley has a rubber sleeve to dampen vibration. When this wears you will get a loud squeal when starting cold. As far as the price I think the pulley is something like $160-$200 just for the part another $ 50 for the belt that leaves $385 Labor. I don't know the labor rates where you live but here in San Francisco they are over $100 hr so 3 to 4 hours labor a bit high to do that job but not way out. When I do that job I always replace the front crank seal and oil pump o ring maybe they are including this in the job? If that is the case I say the price is great. The problem with doing this job yourself is getting the front crank pulley bolt loose. This is hard to do with out a special wrench from Saab tools catalog. The wrench is about 2.5 feet long and has a short socket at the end that fits between the firewall and the crank nut. I have seen people cut a socket down and place it on a long breaker bar to do this. You also need a way to lock the flywheel when you break the nut loose. This can be done by a assistant using a pry bar. I'm not sure of what tools you have or your experience, but if you decide to do the job write back I will give you some more pointers. I strongly suggest you get a manual so you don't miss any steps.
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