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     I own a 1994 Saab 900S. I am having some problems that I believe are related to my fuel injection system. Sometimes when I am driving, out of the blue my car will start kind of jerking, like it's cutting out or something. When it happens, I slow down and shift into a lower gear. If that doesn't help, I try shifting into a higher gear. Sometimes it only jerks a few times and then it recovers, but other times it jerks, then recovers, then jerks a little more, then recovers. It hasn't ever completely died. We thought to try one of the fuel injection cleaners that you can buy at auto stores, figuring that the little hole was getting clogged. We've put the fuel injection cleaners in a couple of times when we have filled up with gas. It isn't solving the problem. I have even tried using the highest grade fuel. We usually put in mid-grade. I would love to know your opinion of what you think is happening. The Saab is due for a tune up, but I don't think that will take care of this "cutting out" problem. What do you think?


From the symptoms you describe I would first look into the ignition system. The model you have should have the Bosch Motronic system where the ignition system is controlled by the same computer as the fuel injection. Things to inspect or change : Spark plugs if worn change 30k miles is max that a plug will last (should be gapped to .028 of an inch) Spark plug wires (don't forget the wire from the coil to the dist cap) Cap and rotor (65K miles life)
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