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Saab 900 classic ignition Tumbler



       Jason, I got the ignition starter switch out, finally. I replaced it with a new one. It wasn't the problem. The instrument lights in the dashboard stay on, and the starter switch (with key in it) turns freely, with no resistance whatsoever. I have completely removed the housing that holds the starter switch. Do you know what the problem could be?? I'm at my wits end on this one, could it be a 'pin' of some sort? There's not much left that it could be actually. Thanks again for your help, and i'm sorry I have to ask you once again to lend me your expertise. Also, when I was putting everything back together, the only thing I couldn't figure out was where the 'semi-circle shaped chrome peice, at the end of the shifter rod' was supposed to go? When I put everything back together, the gear shifter wouldn't move, so I think I put it in the wrong place. THANKS Once again!

       If you pull out the ignition switch tumbler and look at the gear underneath it there should be a prong that goes into the bottom of the switch. It is common for this piece to break. Ask your parts guy for a gear kit it will have all the gears and parts that go between the ign switch(electrical) and the tumbler(key).
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