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Good driving habits by Jason Pearce


Sometimes the best maintenance is good driving habits. Well this isn't to say you can stop changing your oil just because you've been good, but proper maintenance and a little attention to your daily driving habits can go a long way. I once had a customer come in with a worn clutch at 60,000 miles. He said to me this would be his third clutch, and was curious as to what was Saab's problem with clutches. I told him this was unusual and quizzed him on his driving. Everything seemed normal by his explanation so I told him I would pay extra attention while doing the job as to any mechanical problems. When the car was done I went out on a test drive with him and let him drive. As we drove down the street we had a conversation about his work I soon noticed as he became preoccupied in conversation he would never put the car in first gear from a start. Every time starting in second gear. I said" that's it" he said "what" well once he realized what he was doing I haven't put a clutch in his car since. This case is a bit extreme, but there are many little things that can give your cars parts longer life.

.......Here is a list of simple yet effective habits to get into.

1. Put your transmission in neutral and take your foot off the clutch when at stop signs.
(This will save wear on your clutch disc. When your clutch is depressed the flywheel and pressure plate still spin around the disc at a great speed)

2. Before selecting `R' gear on manual trans always select first gear.
(This stops all shafts from spinning inside your gear box allowing you to select reverse without grinding. This is especially important on 1993 900 and back where there is no syncro for Reverse. Chipped reverse gears cause early bearing failure leading to trans overhaul.

3. Don't use full throttle until your engine is up to normal temperature.
( This will ensure your turbo and engine bearings are getting good lubrication also you engine is made to certain specifications of expansion due to heat this will ensure everything is in it's place.)

4. Fill up your tank when you get to ¼ full.
( This helps keep any dirt or metal shavings at the bottom of your tank ,at the bottom of your tank. Running low can always dredge up junk and feed it through your fuel system.)

5. Don't rev your engine in neutral.
( It is harsh on your connecting rod bearings to rev your engine with no load on it. This isn't something that will hurt once and awhile but done as a regular thing will lower engine life. This means your Saab engine will only go 250,000 miles instead of the 300,000 we all expect.)

.......Combine these habits with regular maintenance and some knowledge on how your Saab works can lead to years of happy motoring.




(This article is meant to educate a consumer,or as a guideline for professionals. You can cause serious damage to your vehicle and/or cause yourself injury. Only those qualified should attempt repairs. I do my best to assure that the above info is correct but take no responsibility for any damages incurred.)


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