Saab Trionic 7 Limp Home Reset

Trionic T7 is the newest of Saab's fuel systems. If you have a Saab 9-5 , 2000 & up 9-3 or a 1999 Viggen this is the system you will be running. The T7 system uses an electronic throttle. If the system detects a throttle related fault it goes into what is called limp home. Once you repair the fault you must clear the code and manualy reset the throttle.

1. Remove Upper Engine plastic cover. Remove protective metal shield that covers throttle body (2 bolts, 10mm heads)

2. Turn ignition on and clear all trouble codes. ( This step must be done or system will just go back into limp home)

3. Turn off ignition and wait 12 seconds.

4. Under the throttle lever you will see the end of the spring. (looks like an extra piece of wire sticking out from underneath where the spring is wound) Push the end of the spring towards the throttle housing.

5. With a small screw driver rotate the black toothed plastic disc towards the back of the car. You will hear a click when correctly done. (see image below)

6. Rotate the arm that is connected to the throttle cable (pedal arm) towards the front of the car, and watch that the that the other arm (throttle housing arm) does not rotate with the pedal arm.

7. If the arms move together you need to try again until this is accomplished.

8. Replace protective metal shield and plastic cover.

Saab Throttle














(This article is meant to educate a consumer,or as a guideline for professionals. You can cause serious damage to your vehicle and/or cause yourself injury. Only those qualified should attempt repairs. I do my best to assure that the above info is correct but take no responsibility for any damages incurred.)


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