car donation

Car donation

I have had a few people ask about donating their car. I have never donated a auto, but understand that in some cases that may be the best answer. I assume this would not be for your Saab, but that old Toyota sitting in the barn(ha ha). I have made a basic list of places where you can search out infornation on donating your car if need be. Some readers have gone as far as to ask me about the the tax deduction. Sorry folks, I'm not a CPA.

With this page I will try to guide you to some links that may help better inform you about car donation and the new laws regarding tax deductions. I in no way recommend any paticular organzation. I do hope to give you a place to start your research regarding your donation.

I have linked to some IRS publications on Car donations and a few news stories.

IRS Publication 4303 -PDF.
ó A Donorís Guide to Car Donations

IRS 2005 changes
Acknowledgement Required for Car Donations

Car Donation information

Better Business Bureau
Good article on car donation


(This article is meant to educate a consumer,or as a guideline for professionals. You can cause serious damage to your vehicle and/or cause yourself injury. Only those qualified should attempt repairs. I do my best to assure that the above info is correct but take no responsibility for any damages incurred.)


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