Identify your Saab fuel injection system

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The first thing on any diagnoses is to find which system variant your dealing with. Saabs first injection system was on the early 99 models this was a bosch system called d-jetronic. You can tell d-jet by it's electronic injectors since this is the only electronic system on the 99 model. The introduction of k-jetronic or CIS was in the mid 70's this system ran until 1988 on all of Saabs 8-valve engines. CIS is known by it's air sensor plate,and mechanical injectors.

LH 2.2

In 1985 Saab introduced it's 16-valve engine and LH electronic fuel injection this was due to tighter smog laws. This new electronic system could be controlled a lot closer. This was needed to keep the fuel mixture closer to 14.7 to 1 so the catalytic converter could do a better job. This system is known as LH 2.2 this system can be identified by it's metal housed air mass meter (silver in color) . This air mass meter also has an adjustment screw under the round plug.The 2.2system also has a three wire connector to it's IAC valve(idle air control also called AIC valve before the government regulated car part names) this valve is gold in color and located next to the upper radiator hose above the thermostat.

LH 2.4

The 2.4 system came on the scene in 1988 this system is told by it's black plastic air mass meter and no adjustment screw. This IAC valve is silver metal bodied and has a two wire connector atop it. It's computer also grew 10 more terminals to a 35 pin connector. This new computer would allow for flash code and Isat(Saabs hand held diagnostic unit)fault codes.

LH 2.4.1

This system was used on 1990 and a half 9000 2.3l engine non-turbo only. That simple.

LH 2.4.2

This came about on 1991 models you can tell this system because it has a black plastic air mass meter as 2.4 but has a gold 3 wire IAC valve as LH 2.2. ( this valve looks the same but is wired differently internally.)

IAC Valve

Trionic (T-5)

This system came out in 1993 on 9000 Turbo models and can be identified by it's absence of an air mass meter. Trionic uses an manifold absolute pressure sensor ( MAP sensor). This system was used on 1993 9000 Turbo, all 94-98 9000 models and 1994-98 900 turbo's. Exception 94 900 convertible and 93 9000 non-turbo's these used LH systems. T-5 is also used on 1999 model 9-3s. In 1996 this system had some changes due to government regulation 96 model year and up are called trionic obdII.

Trionic (T-7)

T7 is the newest of Saab's fuel systems If you have a 9-5 1999 Viggen or 2000 model 9-3 this is the system you will be running.

Motronic 2.10.2

This system has an air mass meter and is used on 1994-95 900 non-turbo's with 2.3l 4cyl.

Motronic 2.8.1

This was used on 1994-95 900 with V-6 engine.

Motronic 4.1

This was used on 1996-98 900 non-turbo 2.3l 4cyl.


Motronic 5.2 was used on 1996-97 900 V-6.




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