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The Swedish Wrench is Saab repair and diagnosis       



If you are a "do it yourself repair" Saab owner You will find many articles that will interest you. I don't write on step by step repair procedures you can buy a manual for that. What I do is fill in the gap where the Saab repair manuals leave off. Theory, diagnosis and identifying what systems you are working with are as important in a quality repair as following the step by step.

Many People have been asking for step by step repair procedure. If you are going to attempt repairs on your Saab you really need to have the correct manual. If you own the classic 900 16 valve 1985- 1993 you can get a great manual published by Bentley. I have used Bentley manuals and have found these manuals to be the best aftermarket repair guide available. I Have worked as a Saab repair tech for 17 years and have found the best technicians are the one who constantly have their nose in the repair manual.


I'm still trying to answer as many e-mail repair questions as possible, but since I am now receiving more e-mail than I can read you may not get an answer. The best chance of getting your e-mail answered is to keep your question short, state your year and model and ask the type of question I can answer without writing a whole page response.

I have been having a great time conversing back and forth about your Saab repairs. A lot of you are very clever in some of the repair solutions you come up with. I know it is very difficult to do Saab repair even in a state of the art dealership. So my hats off to those of you fixing your Saab in you driveway without the luxury of special Saab tools and manuals.


Swedish wrench  repair editor

About Me:

I've been a Saab repair technician since 1986. I have worked at independent Saab repair shops, Saab dealers and owned my own Saab repair shop. I have attended many Saab factory schools and I'm a ASE master tech. I currently own a repair shop in San Francisco.

.I have put this club site together for the Saab enthusiast and professional techs alike. The main purpose of this club is to help get the repair knowledge out to the streets. I invite any Saab enthusiasts to E-mail me with suggestions, and I will also answer E-mail on questions. The articles will mostly be technical in nature but some will be just about Saab.

Thanks and good luck in all your Saab Repairs,
Jason Pearce



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