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9000, 9-3,& 9-5


Identify your Saab fuel injection system
The first thing on any diagnoses is to find which system variant your dealing with. Saabs first injection system was on the early 99 models this was a bosch system called d-jetronic.

Saab PCV upgrade
Saab 9-3 and 9-5 pcv upgrade.

Saab oil sludge
As of June 3, 2005 Saab has announced that they will be replacing customers engines under a "special policy" that have been damaged by excessive oil sludge.

Letters to SwedishWrench
I have been answering Email on Saab repair for the last 6 years. I would like to make this repair information available to the SwedishWrench users.

Saab Traction control switch
In 1995 Saab sent out instructions via a technical bulletin on how to retrofit 1992 - 1994 cars to use the switch.

Car Donation information
I have never donated a auto, but understand that in some cases donation may be the best answer for your car.

Saab ACC climate control
ACC was designed to regulate cabin temperature and ventilation by just setting one adjustment, the temperature

Saab T7 limp home reset
For 9-5 9-3 viggen with T7 system

Saab Fuel System Chart
This Chart is for vehicles sold in the US Market

Head Torque Chart
This chart is for Saab 2.3L, 2.1L, and 2.0L
4 cylinder 16 valve engines

Snap-On tools
I have know a few people who collect old
Snap-On tools

A/C Diagnosis  
This article mainly pertains to the classic
900 1984- up  air conditioning systems     

Good driving habits
Sometimes the best maintenance is good
driving habits.

Flash code retrieval
This article is pertaining to the Saab
LH 2.4, 2.4.1 and 2.4.2. systems.

Saab Engine Management Systems
We are going to start with the Bosch LH 2.2
system of the 1985 Saab 16 valve turbo

Saab 900 NG Battery drain test procedure
This is a follow up article from battery & alternator
diagnosis for those you with a new body style Saab 900.

Saab Battery & Alternator Diagnosis

Saab seat heater Diagnosis

Do It Yourself Maintenance

Saab terminal numbers explained

9-5 2000 technical features


Saab Dealer SF Bay Area

Saab Dealer list (incomplete)

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